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Derek Ebbs

Clinical Relationship Psychotherapist

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Derek is a Clinical Relationship Psychotherapist specialising in the Attachment bond between parent and child and the implications for adult relationships - the attachment bond between couples.

His Masters research 'Intimate Passionate Marriage' was in the area of Intimacy in Relationships.


My special interest and research paper on attachment relationships consolidated my view that a Systemic approach to the individual, couple and family interlinked with Attachment theory can empower the person to empathically accept their situation and enable lasting change to emerge. I believe that a healthier, balanced couple and family can bring so much more to an individual and the couple and the nurturing can be reciprocal and growth enabling. An available and responsive partner creates a holding environment for intimacy to grow securely.

Derek has further studied with Dr. Kent Hoffman (one of the originators of Circle of Security) the advanced subtleties and core sensitivities of the anxiety present in a marriage where circular dissatisfaction has become the pattern. This may be felt as resentment, anger, distrust, sexual frustration, fear and loneliness.

Derek has helped many couples and parents (and hence children) move from a disorganised unsatisfying relationship to a more stable secure thriving and safe environment.

Derek also works with men who are abusive and controlling in their intimate relationships.

He is the seventh son of the seventh and in his native Ireland, this makes Derek a mystical soulful healer: the very meaning of Psychotherapy; healing of the soul.

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Elizabeth Figliuzzi

BA.GradDip Counselling & Psych. PGDipPsych.PGDipProfPsych
Psychologist MAPS

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Elizabeth is a registered psychologist. In the last six years, the focus of her work has been on treating and supporting mothers and fathers who are suffering from anxiety and depression; experiencing adjustment issues; and dealing with grief/loss throughout the perinatal period. She is passionate about empowering mothers and fathers to step on the path towards conscious and confident parenting, helping them cultivate a deeper understanding of the personal and interpersonal aspects that contribute to their challenges at this time.


Becoming new parents can be a very stressful time for couples, fraught with not only the intimate partner issues, but changing identity which impacts the couple.

Elizabeth is highly skilled at providing individual therapy that is aligned and relevant to the client's needs and growth, envisioning for them a healthy future.

What Our Clients Say

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